I shall seal the heavens

I shall seal the heavens


“What I want, the Heavens shall not lack! ”

“What I don’t want, had better not exist in the Heavens!”

This is a story which originates between the Eighth and Ninth Mountains, the world in which the strong prey upon the weak.

“My Name is Meng Hao! The Ninth Generation Demon Sealer, I shall seal the Heavens!“

Adapted to Manhua, Alchemy, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Calm Protagonist ,Character Growth ,Cultivation, Cunning Protagonist, Dao Comprehension Demonic Cultivation, Demons Determined
Chapter 1: Scholar Meng Hao
Chapter 2: The Reliance Sect
Chapter 3: Promotion to the Outer Sect
Chapter 4: A Copper Mirror
Chapter 5: This Kid isnt Bad
Chapter 6: The Delights of the Copper Mirror
Chapter 7: I Need Spirit Stones!
Chapter 8: Zhao Wugang
Chapter 9: Impatience and Frustration
Chapter 10: Wang Tengfei
Chapter 11: Pill Cultivation Workshop Outlet
Chapter 12: Hello, Elder Sister Xu
Chapter 13: Manly Cao Yang
Chapter 14: Threats
Chapter 15: Decisive Attack
Chapter 16: Come here!
Chapter 17: I shall rely on myself!
Chapter 18: Fatty of the Outer Sect
Chapter 19: The Wind Stirs Again
Chapter 20: Entering the Black Mountain
Chapter 21: Meng Hao, Youre Shameless!
Chapter 22: A Sword Resting in Demonic Python Skin
Chapter 23: An Ancient Beast!
Chapter 24: Who was it?!
Chapter 25: Sovereign of the Sky
Chapter 26: Bewilderment
Chapter 27: The Wind Stirs Again
Chapter 28: Shangguan Xiu
Chapter 29: Inner Sect Training
Chapter 30: Kill Han Zong, Battle Wang Tengfei!
Chapter 31: Fight!
Chapter 32: This Finger Brought me Humiliation, Today, I Cripple it!
Chapter 33: Is This Sword Yours Too?
Chapter 34: Fame from 1,000 Years Ago!
Chapter 35: Im Not Willing!
Chapter 36: The Perks of the Inner Sect
Chapter 37: Water and Ink in the Evening
Chapter 38: Qi Condensation Manual of the Sublime Spirit Scripture
Chapter 39: Patriarch Reliance!
Chapter 40: Sublime Spirit Scripture
Chapter 41: A Sensation in the State of Zhao!
Chapter 42: Who Dares to Touch Him!?
Chapter 43: The Sole Heir
Chapter 44: The North Sea Reveals the Dao
Chapter 45: A Look Back at the Mortal World after Three Years
Chapter 46: Three Long Spears
Chapter 47: Another Encounter with Shangguan Xiu
Chapter 48: Eccentric Song and Wu Dingqiu
Chapter 49: Mountain of Trial by Fire
Chapter 50: Iron Spear
Chapter 51: My Treasure Mountain
Chapter 52: Bumper Crop
Chapter 53: How will you thank me?
Chapter 54: An Old Friend from the Sect
Chapter 55: Overbearing
Chapter 56: Elder Brother Meng, Whether or not You Want to Trade, You Will!
Chapter 57: Was it Worth it?
Chapter 58: This is not its World
Chapter 59: Unable to see Changan
Chapter 60: Undispellable Death Aura
Chapter 61: A Shocking Event in the Southern Domain
Chapter 62: One Wave Settles Down
Chapter 63: Another Wave Rises Up!
Chapter 64: A Massacre Caused by a Silver Spear
Chapter 65: Battle at the North Sea
Chapter 66: A Great Kindness!
Chapter 67: The Death of Ding Xin
Chapter 68: Milky Way City
Chapter 69: Young Lord Ding
Chapter 70: Breaking Through to the Ninth Level of Qi Condensation!
Chapter 71: Dong Hu
Chapter 72: A True Man
Chapter 73: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 74: Not Past One Hundred Years
Chapter 75: An Ancient Path Appears Again!
Chapter 76: Beyond Flawlessness
Chapter 77: Lord Revelation
Chapter 78: No Choice but to Believe!
Chapter 79: Kill!
Chapter 80: Meng Haos Scheming
Chapter 81: The Patriarchs Immortals Cave
Chapter 82: The Great Art of Demonic Life
Chapter 83: Patriarch, What About Disciples Poison?
Chapter 84: Meng Hao, What Are You Doing?
Chapter 85: Ancient Demon Sealing Jade
Chapter 86: Demonic Lamps that Separate Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 87: I Shall Reach the Peak of the Thirteenth Level of Qi Condensation!
Chapter 88: Lord Revelations True Self
Chapter 89: Guyiding Tri-Rain
Chapter 90: The Great Path of Demon Sealing, a Concept Like a Scripture
Chapter 91: What Goes Around Comes Around
Chapter 92: Exterminate Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 93: Sever the Dao, Change Heaven and Earth, Demonic Will!
Chapter 94: You Really Want Me To Come Out?
Chapter 95: A Rain Shower, a Cold Spell
Chapter 96: Demonic Jade in a Mountain Valley
Chapter 97: Cultivation Breakthrough in a Mountain Valley
Chapter 98: Valley of the Red Rope
Chapter 99: Foundation Establishment!
Chapter 100: Blade against Flawlessness